About Us

Propaganda established in 1993 over 25 years ago is the UK’s leading specialist in manufacturing and supplying branded promotional business gifts. Propaganda offers a consultancy led approach working closely with you offering our best creative, innovative and cost effective business gift ideas to accommodate all promotional campaigns.

Our business is centred around our customers and we aim to excel in all aspects of our customer experience. From speedy answering of the phones to replying very quickly to emails, and our proactive approach ensure you always know what’s happening and when to except your goods. Our dedicated account manager who keep you updated and ensure you goods are delivered on time and often early as well as offer you the latest in promotional gifts keeping you ahead of your competitors. Our market knowledge is outstanding and we are often the first to market with the latest promotional products.

Creative solutions – As we are experts in supplying promotional gits and have a long standing track record in manufacturing and suppling products many of the worlds’ leading brands. They trust us and work with us designing their latest and often highly challenging promotional goods. Simply put we find nothing in the promotional gifts arena too daunting from electronics to point of sale.

Professional operating  standards – Propaganda works maintains exceptionally high corporate standards and holds the ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditations and is also a member of Sedex. Propaganda is also a trade member of the BPMA association.

Product safety – We test our products and have full supply chain management. We understand the importance of supplying safe, complaint products and our products are rigorously tested to ensure they are fully complaints. Propaganda operated strict codes of supplier conduct and has long standing global supplier relationships as well as supplier audits.

Propaganda is unusual as we design many of our goods and create our own brands.

Speed – we hold many products in stock so we offer super quick delivery and can even deliver same day if absolutely necessary!

How We Started

Stephen Taylor – Profile

It was in August 1993 that Stephen Taylor noticed a bowl of mints, offered to customers as a ‘thank you’ in a restaurant. His immediate thought was how unhygienic this was but then an idea dawned on him, what if the sweets were wrapped?

Stephen had a great idea and was full of ambition and desire but had no money and no track record but wanted to get his sweets produced. He called many sweet factories and finally his persuasion paid off when one of them took a leap of faith and agreed to produce the new “Thank you” mints and also agreed to give him 30 days credit. A short while later he was supplied with £2,500 worth of wrapped sweets which he called the ‘Thank You’ mint and sold them to local restaurants. He walked door to door selling them to London restaurants during the day and hotels at night. He knew he had promised that he would pay them in full within 30 days. He had to keep his word and worked fifteen hour days persuading anyone that would listen to buy his “Thank You ” mints. This initial venture was slow, but Stephen persisted, not stopping until all the mints were sold and he had enough money to repay the factory that had shown such good faith in him.

Stephen’s determination paid off as he began receiving requests from companies asking for personalised sweets and chocolates. His first break came in 1994 from the airline British Airways who placed an order for Halloween themed chocolates to give away on board. Then other orders followed. The business grew quite rapidly and this led to the creation of Sweet Concepts that is now the UK’s leading suppliers of promotional sweets, chocolates, fortune cookies and many more creative promotional confectionery products.

Making a mint

A personal interview with Stephen Taylor

If it is edible, 30-year-old Stephen Taylor will wrap it, box it and put his client’s message on it, in it or through it. The founder of promotional confectionery company Sweet Concepts believes food can nurture corporate images. Chocolates, mints, sweets, space dust, lollipops, sticks of rock, fortune cookies, biscuits, flavoured popcorn, even cakes with pictures on the icing – his clients have used them all to boost brands.