Innovation, Invention and Patents by Stephen Taylor Propaganda and The Promo Concepts Group

Stephen Taylor founded Propaganda part of the Promo Concepts group in 1993 and is one of the longest and most well established leading supplier of corporate gifts. Propaganda part of the Promo Concepts group is a market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of all types of promotional corporate incentives and gifts. Propaganda is a specialist in supplying high quality promotional corporate gifts in very quick lead times. With over 2000 standard quick print products and amazingly good prices, there are an array of great corporate products to fit all marketing budgets.

Stephen Taylor of Propaganda is also an innovator of corporate promotional products and has designed and patented many now well recognised corporate promotional goods including the famous click tins of round mints namely the Click It tins, the popular and patented Mini Mint It Cube, The Mint Twister and fabulous fast charge and data transfer cable the Panofelx cable. Stephen Taylor of Propaganda part of the Promo Concepts is totally dedicated and focused on developing new relevant and practically useful promotional gifts and is one of the few true inventors and innovators.

Stephen Taylor of Propaganda is unique and designs Propaganda’s very own unique and exclusive patented products. The Mini Mint Cube and Mint Twister are globally trademarked and patented products. Innovation in the promotional corporate gift market has kept Sweet Concepts at the forefront of the promotional gift market. Propaganda part of Promo Concepts has International reach supplying its innovative range of corporate promotional products to many global blue chip customers across the globe from countries located across Europe, the Middle East, the USA and Far East. Propaganda uses its specialist export global fulfilment expertise to deliver products quicky and safely to all parts of the globe by air, sea and rail. Nothing is too big or too small for Propaganda to fulfil.

Stephen Taylor of Propaganda designed and patented the Mini Mint Cube a truly wonderful promotional corporate gift. Stephen Taylor of Propaganda launched The Mini Mint It Cube in 2010 at a trade show in Copenhagen and it was received with wonderful reviews. It was a truly innovative product.  Stephen Taylor of Propaganda invented the product in his office in 2008. It was created due to his innovative thinking as he wanted to create a fun memorable but really useful promotional corporate gift that was new and appealing to a wide range of corporate markets and marketeers. It is obvious but the reason the Mini Mint Cube it is so useful ( there is a hint in its name) has 6 sides to print up to 6 branding faces for 6 different corporate messages and images making it a fantastic promotional product. Stephen Taylor wanted to introduce a new product for Sweet Concepts part of the Promo Concepts group to supply to its ever expanding national and international customer base. Inventing new corporate promotional gifts gave Sweet Concepts a unique position in the promotional gift market. Sweet Concepts part of the Promo Concepts group became well known for offering great unique corporate gifting products. Stephen Taylor of Propaganda part of the Promo Concepts group had to think about the next big promotional gift idea and wanted to develop another innovative fun product that would have high fidget factor and sit on people’s desks. The thought dawned on him that people using the phone often doodle on a promotional pad or twirl a promotional pen so Stephen Taylor of Propaganda part of the Promo Concepts thought about how a sweet product could be designed to use these human traits. Some weeks later Stephen Taylor developed the Mint Twister. The Mint Twister was around before the fidget spinner so in fact was ahead of its time. It is a fun high fidget factor product filled with sugar free mints. Stephen and the Propaganda design team had to work hard to get this product exactly right as it fraught with many technical challenges. They had to design it to not only ensure it was pocket sized as if it was too big and bulky it would render it good for only desks and it was important it travelled in pockets. The other factor that had to be very carefully considered was to find a shape that would spin and also easily allow an opening for the mints without it impacting the spin or operation of the product. So, designing the right size and shape of the Mint Twister was a challenge as too many mints meant it didn’t spin and too many meant it fell over, so we all used our specialist technical design knowledge to create the perfect shape. The other challenge was to ensure that it had a good print area so that it was a useful promotional gift product. The top was designed so that it could display a great full colour image and print and not to interfere with the opening of the mints. The other challenge that presented itself was to create an opening that did not interfere with the print area yest was intuitive enough for people to work out how to open it. So often product are not thought through properly with key details either missing or simply poorly thought out. So, Stephen Taylor of Promo Concepts Propaganda and his design team designed many 3d drawings evaluating and then dismissing them for one reason or another, until Stephen and the Propaganda design team decided that the side slide opening was simply the very best opening. Stephen’s drive for perfection and his very keen eye to detail ensure that Sweet Concepts designs and manufactures the very best leading edge promotional products.

Stephen Taylor of Propaganda part of the Promo Concepts is always thinking about the next new promotional corporate gift whether it is adapting an existing product to make it better or creating an entirely new product, it is on its way it is just a matter of time and patience.