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Promotional electronics is a relatively new promotional gift category but is now nevertheless an important part of the promotional gift market. Promotional electronics has grown rapidly over the past six years mainly due to the fast and meteoric rise in phone chargers and the need for mobile power. Promotional phone chargers or promotional power banks as they often referred have been a stable part of the promotional electronics gift sector for many years and there is no reason why the demand for promotional power will decrease. Promotional ppwer banks offer great value for money and have huge branding area and are very useful to say the least. The power of promotional branding – forgive the pun but it is true!

In more recent years promotional gift buying has turned its attention to the wonderful world of promotional gift phone cables. What use is a promotional power bank without a good quality fast promotional charging cable. Promotional charging cables have risen in popularity over the past few years and Propaganda developed yet again an industry first the Panoflex promotional charging cable. The promotional Panoflex cable is a three in one charging cable, that charges iPhone, Android and Usb C Android phones. The Panoflex cable is fully branded both sides with digital print and makes for the perfect promotional corporate gift as even the packaging can be branded with corporate logos and message. There are many promotional cable but not al offer fast charging speeds of 2.1 and data transfer and Propaganda’s Panoflex cable offers both these functions so in our humble opinion is simply the very best promotional gift cable. However, there are also small pocket sized magnetic keyring cables that also offer fast charging speeds but the branding area is much smaller than the Panoflex promotional gift cable. Propaganda offers independent advice on all aspects of promotional electronic gift buying.